Deutsche Bahn implements private cloud

So far, the staff of the Deutsche Bahn was organising the secure exchange of files and mobile access conventionally with public cloud services. Now the internal IT service provider DB Systel has implemented a cloud solution called ownCloud. Confirmed by a cost-benefit analysis one saw that solutions such as Dropbox or OneDrive have disadvantages. Not only the company-wide security policies would take into account, the integration into the existing IT architecture as the usual usability should also be guaranteed. So the training and cost remains low. A balancing act, because the security policies are getting increasingly strict, on the other hand the subject „cloud“ is omnipresent.

The adaptation carried out by the IT team of DB Systel, which was adapting the ownCloud to the corporate design of Deutsche Bahn by ownBrander. This is now called “DB Box” and is currently available for 96,000 users of the group’s business. The account space is automatically adjusted by the user role, access is possible via a browser, the web interface or by using the fully automatic rolled synchronization tool of Workflow clients. For Android and IoS device apps are available.

In the data center there are five virtual machines operated for the DB box, on which 100 TB of storage are available.