Navisco celebrates 15th Anniversary with top Guests from the Sourcing Scene

The sourcing industry is in a constant state of change but quality always prevails. Under this motto more than 100 guests were invited to the 15th anniversary of the Navisco AG at the 12th of June 2014 at the ‘Übersee-Club’ in Hamburg. Additionally, the longtime executive board member and senior partner Norbert Herrmann of the Navisco AG took the chance to resign from the executive board. In the future he will support the team in his role as a member of the advisory board.

The opening speech was held by Martina Koederitz, CEO of IBM Germany, and Monika Ribar, Ex-CEO of Panalpina and longtime customer of the Navisco AG for more than 12 years. Both pointed out the competence and straightforwardness of the employees as well as the market proven outsourcing model of the Navisco AG. The chairman of the advisory board Prof. Dr. Konrad Hilbers described the successful way of the Navisco AG to a well-established ‘Consulting-Boutique for Sourcing Strategies and Implementation’. After the merger with ConSources in 2009, which established a big footprint in the Swiss market, Navisco will focus on the expansion of activities in the Nordic countries. Until late at night well-known representatives of customers and providers discussed and celebrated the development and the future of the outsourcing market.