There is room in the German cloud

In Germany, the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are getting more and more involved in the use of software solutions from the cloud. This is a result of the study ”KMU Barometer 2016“ by market research firm Pb7 on behalf of the enterprise software manufacturer Exact. Pb7 interviewed 2,600 enterprises with fewer than 50 employees. 2016 half of all German SME used business applications from the cloud. 2015 this were only 31 percent. However, despite this increase, Germany remains the worst performer in international comparison. There about 61 percent used cloud software for their business. In Spain and the Netherlands, there are even 70 percent or more.

Other Results: Germany is above the international average when it comes to the active introduction of new business models: 58 percent of respondents perform actively explore new business models – these are international only 54 percent on average. Only Spain is the trend ahead of Germany: in the country 60 percent of companies put on new business models. As an explanation for these numbers Pb7 thinks that many companies consider new business models as a success or even survival factor: 35 percent of companies in Germany think that they would disappear in the next five years from the market without optimizing their business models. 18 percent even believe that they would have to change their business models radically in order to survive long term.

A third of German respondents are aware that competitors enter with completely new business models in their market, but only a quarter is concerned – compared to 38 percent of the international average. From innovative competition and disruptive business models, Spanish and French companies feel most affected: 51 per cent of Spanish and 43 per cent of French SMEs show their concern.

In the study ”SME Barometer 2016” the market research institute Pb7 interviewed 2,600 businesses with fewer than 50 employees in Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States to their software usage and its setting on the digitization related trends.


Source: KMU