IT Sourcing

Sourcing is not a day-to-day business

Sourcing requires expertise, profound methodology and experience

The multitude of specialized providers, the complex scope of client requirements and relevant services to be described as well as the high workload in operations and diverse projects lead to major challenges in IT tenders on the client side. Navisco supports you as a professional and experienced specialist in all phases of sourcing initiatives, from the sourcing strategy and the conduct of tenders up to the handover to the new partner (support during transition & transformation).

With our support you will…

  • Define the right sourcing strategy

  • Find the right providers and thereof the right partner

  • Fully capture and formulate your requirements

  • Conduct an efficient tender process

  • Negotiate best-practice services and fair market prices

  • Evaluate received offers based on your specific requirements

  • Find the right partner

  • Prepare the migration project and provider management successfully

Reasons for IT outsourcing

What clients expect from sourcing initiatives

Most of the companies surveyed in our Whitelane study confirm that they will continue outsourcing at least at the same or at even higher levels than before. Focus on the core business is the most important factor for organizations to increasingly outsource IT, followed by access to innovation and greater scalability of requirements by the business units. On the other hand, service providers remain convinced that apart from business transformation and scalability, especially cost reduction is the main reason for outsourcing among their clients.

For what reasons does your organization plan to increase outsourcing?

Survey of German providers: For what reasons are your customers planning to increase outsourcing?

Navisco AG

The right partner for your sourcing project

As a sourcing consultancy, Navisco has been an independent specialist for outsourcing initiatives for more than 20 years and has experience and best practices from more than 500 projects. Our project experience is regularly incorporated into a new release status of our outsourcing reference model. This concerns the negotiated service descriptions, SLAs, pricing models and contracts as well as the evaluation and financial calculation models. We are convinced that, in addition to our independence, our expertise and particularly our reference model offer considerable added value for our clients.

  • We offer competencies in all sourcing phases from strategy, negotiation support and benchmarking to operational provider management and re-organizations of IT departments.

  • We do not reinvent the wheel, but rely on proven procedures and tools, which we continuously develop as best practices and incorporate into the Navisco Outsourcing Reference Model NORM.

  • Due to our proven integrity, independence and professional competence, we enjoy the highest level of trust in the market.

  • Our findings and recommendations are well-founded, in line with the market and reflect practical experience in implementation.

  • We know the outsourcing market from both sides, especially the relevant providers and their business-, operational-, contractual- and pricing models, however we do not work for service providers.

  • We flexibly adapt our resources and capacities to the specific requirements of our clients and the project context, thus contributing our knowledge efficiently and effectively.

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