IT Tenders

Success factors for IT tenders

IT tenders require in-depth expertise

Outsourcing is a complex undertaking and requires specific know-how and experience:

  • Appropriate determination and precise description of specific requirements

  • Clear internal communication and commitment of stakeholders

  • Stringent and complete tendering process

  • Good knowledge of the provider market for IT services

  • Use of standardized contractual documents (service descriptions, KPIs/SLAs, framework agreements, pricing models)

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Procedure for IT tenders

The individual phases of IT tenders

The starting point of a tender is a process model which is adapted to the individual situation. In case of extensive IT infrastructure tenders with a large number of providers on the market, an open Request for Proposal (RfP) process is recommended, with potentially conducting a Request for Information (RfI) beforehand. If the tender scope reflects very specific service areas addressing only selected market participants or if it is important to conclude a contract quickly, we often recommend conducting a competitive dialogue process with two providers competing against each other.

Phase 1 Preparation of RFP
  • Determination of the current environment and according costs
  • Definition of the service scope and sourcing model
  • RfP preparation (services descriptions, SLAs/KPIs, pricing model, …)
  • Initial evaluation of providers (RfI)
Phase 2 Proposal and provider evaluation
  • Provider communication
  • Offer evaluation
  • Business case calculation incl. risks
  • Recommendations for next phase/downselect
Phase 3 Due Diligence and contract negotation
  • Finalization of outsourcing contracts
  • Provision of final offers by providers
  • Qualitative and financial offer evaluation
  • Final recommendations for action
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  • Establishment of an internal provider management
  • Implementation of the T&T program
  • Change management and trainings

Public IT tenders

Meeting challenges with expertise

IT outsourcing of complex services in the public sector leads to a particular challenge. While contracting authorities are highly experienced in awarding standardized contracts, they do not have the necessary tendering and evaluation templates to map complex customized IT solutions. Furthermore, the “dreaded” public tender process and the numerous dangers of reprimand significantly limit the action possibilities in a tender. Due to the special requirements of such public procedure, the group of participants is unpredictable and can only be limited by setting appropriate participation criteria.

Based on our experience, we can support you in public tenders enhancing the overall value. Together with you we will agree and finalize the contractual basis even before the publication of the tender. Furthermore, we ensure that for market-oriented solutions fair prices are contractually concluded in such public tenders, and that no joint verifications are necessary after the contract signature.

The right partner for your public IT tender

What we offer:

  • Experience and knowledge of public tender processes

  • Experience in defining participation and evaluation criteria

  • Full transparency of requirements, selection and evaluation criteria and of the tender process

  • Good knowledge of the provider market for IT services in the public sector

Navisco Outsourcing Reference Model (NORM)

How you will benefit from our experience

Navisco figures

years of experience
billion outsourcing volume
tender projects
service descriptions
service level agreements
benchmark prices

The Navisco Outsourcing Reference Model (NORM) consists of a complete set of templates, methodologies and descriptions for maximum efficiency and quality.

  • Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Due Diligence Template & Workbook

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & Service Level Credit Model

  • Pricing Models

  • Statements of Work

  • Business Case Toolset

  • Framework Agreements

  • Provider Database

  • Provider Evaluation Framework

  • Benchmarking Database

Navisco AG

The right partner for your IT tender

  • We know the provider market for outsourcing from numerous projects and our annual studies.

  • We rely on our proven tender approach, which has been followed in many client situations over many years.

  • We continuously develop and improve our modular contract framework, which covers the entire scope of the tender in a standardized way and can be quickly adapted to the individual scope.

  • Our project managers and the other Navisco specialists form a well-established team that works efficiently with you on the client side.