Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing Strategy Approach

Your customized sourcing strategy

Our approach to a customized sourcing strategy is based on various sourcing projects in all industries, locally and internationally. We are aware of the different compliance, security and business requirements across industries, and these are crucial for the determination the degree of sourcing and the sourcing model.

As part of the sourcing strategy, we address the following areas:

  • Sourcing alignment: analyzing and capturing the business objectives which are to be achieved through sourcing activities

  • Sourcing potential: assessment of the services in terms of their business criticality and sourcing capability

  • Sourcing readiness: maturity level of the internal organization concerning the provider management

  • Provider strategy: single-provider vs. multi-provider/ best-of-breed approach depending on the internal maturity of the provider management and the sourcing strategy

  • Implementation planning: Measures for the outsourcing of IT services as well as the internal improvement of the sourcing readiness (provider management)

Navisco Sourcing Index

Sourcing Analysis

What potential does sourcing have?

An essential part of our sourcing analysis is the evaluation of the services concerning their business criticality and sourcing capability. The Navisco Sourcing Index evaluates the advantageousness of outsourcing and its application leads to a classification in the sourcing portfolio. With the help of our analysis, you receive a well-founded recommendation for the outsourcing of your IT services.

  • Allocation of the client’s IT services to Navisco’s best-practice IT service catalogue

  • Sourcing analysis per service or service area

  • Sourcing recommendation based on established criteria

Sourcing Readiness

Are you ready for sourcing?

Successful outsourcing cannot be taken for granted. Within the framework of provider management, the contractual provision of services must be controlled and monitored, whereby a good cooperation between the provider and the client is necessary at the operational level. Before initiating any sourcing measures, the internal organization should therefore be set up accordingly when it comes to provider management. In the first step, we recommend analyzing the internal sourcing capability and implementing related improvement measures. Our reference model for provider management covers all aspects, functions and roles for an efficient service integration of internal and external service providers as well as service recipients.

Service Integration Processes 1

Navisco & Whitelane

Outsourcing Study

Whitelane Studie Deckblatt DE 2021

Provider Strategy

How do you find the right partner?

IT service providers continuously adapt their strategic orientation and service portfolio in order to evolve along new market and IT trends. Furthermore, customer satisfaction depends on the culture, service coverage, customer strategy as well as the current workload of the IT service provider. Due to our large number of conducted projects and our annual survey, we have an extensive market overview from which you can benefit.

Navisco AG

The right partner for you sourcing strategy

We have been successfully developing IT sourcing strategies with our clients for 20 years:

  • Based on our multitude of conducted outsourcing negotiations and transformations, we know the sourcing models and solutions as well as providers for a successful partnership.

  • We adapt the sourcing strategy to your IT strategy as well as to proven market solutions and services.

  • Our advisory is based on proven and continuously improved methods and tools such as our Sourcing Model and the Navisco Sourcing Index.

  • Based on our benchmarking database, we are able to develop fact-based recommendations and savings potentials for different sourcing scenarios.

  • We are not only the right partner for your sourcing strategy, but also for its subsequent implementation, including contract negotiations and the transition of the services.