Transition & Transformation

Criteria for a successfull long-term partnership

Cornerstone for a successful cooperation

A crucial phase for establishing a successful long-term partnership between the client and the service provider begins after the outsourcing contract has been signed. The transition and possibly transformation of the outsourced IT services to the new provider is one of the most critical phases. Only if both parties work together cooperatively and achieve the set goals, the transition and transformation phase (T&T) will be a success and sets the foundation for further collaboration during the contract term. Navisco supports you in this important phase to avoid jeopardizing the subsequent operations through aligned processes and governance mechanisms.

TT gap en

CMO = Current Mode of Operation (today’s service delivery)
FMO = Future Mode of Operation (agreed future service delivery)

Success factors for the transition & transformation

  • Clear and active T&T governance structure

  • Capabilities to build a trustful partnership

  • Capacities to fulfil agreed commitments

  • Understanding of contractual agreements

Our services

Navisco Outsourcing T&T Management Framework

  • Planning, control of the T&T project as well as project governance (project, quality and risk management)

  • Ensuring the implementation of the project in accordance with the contractual agreements and successful implementation of changes

  • Coordination and mediation between the parties

  • Preparation of the client organization for the future provider management and corresponding coaching

TT Mgmt. Framework

Navisco AG


Navisco has already supported a large number of clients in this critical phase and hence has developed a high level of experience as well as the appropriate methodologies and tools to enable a smooth transition and transformation:

  • Methodology
    We have developed a sound framework for planning, managing and monitoring transition and transformation projects based on our experience from numerous client situations.

  • Experience
    We have an experienced team of T&T managers.

  • Mediation
    We understand both the client and service provider side and can act as a mediator between the parties in challenging situations.

  • Flexibility
    We have the expertise and methodology to respond to changes during the project.