IT Maturity Assessment

IT Maturity

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Based on the market-proven CMMI model, we assess the maturity level of your organization in each defined assessment domain for different service areas. During the assessment, client-specific goals must be taken into account, as the effort required to achieve a higher maturity level increases exponentially („Pareto principle“).

Level 5

Stable & flexible

Level 4

Measured & controlled

Level 3

Proactive & standardized

Level 2

Managed on project level

Level 1

Unpredictable & reactive

Processes are not established & controlled, quality depends on individual efforts

Procedures are followed but there is still a high degree of reliance on the knowledge of individuals

Organization-wide standards provide guidance across projects & services

Data-driven organization with quantitative performance improvement objectives that meet stakeholder needs

Organization focused on continuous improvement. Organizational stability provides a platform for agility and innovation

Navisco IT Maturity

We provide transparency, market comparison & action items for maturity improvement

Based on our proven methodological approach for IT maturity assessments we provide an overview of the current status of your IT incl. GAP analysis/ market comparison and appropriate measures to close the identified gaps. Our maturity assessment measures your current IT maturity level, focusing on relevant aspects of your IT Service Delivery. Thus, it helps stakeholders to clearly identify strengths and potential for improvement, and accordingly prioritize the tasks to reach higher maturity levels and increase the value delivered by your IT.

Maturity analysis should enable objective and relative comparisons. As a first step, a neutral authority should identify the existing maturity levels. Secondly, the identified maturity levels are to be put into a relative relationship with comparative values. This requires a market view to make comparisons with peers or state-of-the art service provisioning.

Our approach in a nutshell:

  1. Stakeholder definition of IT value & goals
  2. Maturity assessment in defined IT organization areas
  3. Gap analysis: Comparison of identified values with peer groups from the market & state-of-the-art IT service deliveries
  4. Definition of measures to close the identified gaps & create the defined IT value

Assessment areas

IT Service Delivery
maturity 1 1

IT Organization

maturity 1 1

IT Governance

maturity 1 1

IT Architecture

maturity 1 1
Navisco Maturity Assessment 2

IT Sourcing

maturity 1 1

IT Security

maturity 1 1


maturity 1 1

IT Finance

maturity 1 1

Navisco IT maturity assessment areas

Navisco AG

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    From our numerous client situations & research we know the IT key metrics of your peers & can (easily) evaluate your situation

  • We have the experience
    Having been in the market for 20 years, we know which critical factors you should focus on to quickly leverage your IT value


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