• With more than 15 years of specialized expertise and more than 250 projects in Benchmarking, Sourcing and Transformation, Navisco AG has become one of the leading independent Sourcing Advisors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with a growing footprint in the Nordics
  • Navisco supports leading international corporations to assess and optimize their IT Infrastructure, Application Management and Back Office Services
  • Navisco’s sourcing engagements comprise benchmarking Shared Service Centers, restructuring internal Service Units, optimizing and transforming external Outsourcing Contracts or providing Service Integration Services
  • Navisco is independent from service providers, technologies and invests about 10% of the yearly revenue into best practice reference models, people and research projects

We offer full life-cycle advisory services, all of which we include within the following consulting practices:

  1. 1
    Assessment & Benchmarking

    “We have the data to determine, in a fact-oriented way, whether your current IT or SSC services and organization are comparable to market standards and identify optimizing measures”

  2. 2
    IT Sourcing Strategy

    „As a specialist in Sourcing, we are continuously implementing sourcing solutions and know what is working for you, how to make it work, and what providers fit you best”

  3. 3
    IT Infrastructure & Cloud

    „We identify and consolidate commodity services from individual services and realize significant cost savings and service improvements by using our reference model NORM“

  4. 4
    Application Management

    “We help you realise more professionalism, better solutions to support your business and leverage the market and global delivery models”

  5. 5
    Shared Service Center

    “We transform our distributed services into shared service structures, independently benchmark existing SSCs, and suggest optimization measures regarding processes, organization, investments and sourcing”

  6. 6
    Service Integration & Transformation

    “We support your transformation projects with our framework and experience to make your people and business processes work seamlessly with your internal customers and different providers and solutions”


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