Extensive health insurance contract for Telekom

In the next five years, gkv informatik will rely on Telekom’s expertise and telecom-munications portfolio. As one of the leading IT service providers for statutory health insurance companies in Germany, gkv informatik provides comprehensive services for its shareholders BARMER, AOK Nordost, AOK NORDWEST, AOK Rhineland / Hamburg, AOK Saxony-Anhalt and the Hanseatische Krankenkasse – from computer center operations to mobile devices to innovative communication solutions.

For more than 25 years, T-Systems has been the service provider of the GKV informatics company BARMER. A public tender was not only looking for a new supplier for BARMER, but also for the gkv informatics and the AOK Nordost. After negotiations, the Telekom daughter has now won the bid. As a result, T-Systems not only replaces the current service provider that provided telecommunication services to gkv informatik but also takes over the UCC services of the AOK Nordost and extends BARMER’s portfolio.

The Telekom subsidiary hopes that the contract will have a signal effect on the market. Cost pressure is also an issue in the field of health insurance. For years, the industry has been consolidating, and coffers are joining forces to better compete.

Source: Pressebox